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1001 West Interstate Ave # 124 | 701-255-6001
725 Kirkwood Mall Suite #345 | 701-751-8888
914 South 12th St Suite #105701-751-7988


Extensive Manicure Services

Feel-Good Manicure Services

Had a long, tiring week at work? A relaxing manicure can be just the thing you need to relax and unwind. Visit Classy Nails, sit relaxed in a chair and let us pamper your hands with our unique manicure treatments. 

Whether you need a regular manicure or a French manicure, we have you covered. The soothing touch of our manicure professionals will leave your hands moisturized, fresh and naturally beautiful. Wait, it doesn't end there. We'll also give you a flawless nail paint to match your mood and style. 
Manicure services

Wide Range of Manicure Treatments

  • Regular manicure
  • French manicure
  • Shellac manicure
  • Shellac French manicure
  • Acrylic nails and refills
  • Full set of French acrylic nails
Try our luxurious manicure treatments and have your nails look their best. Call us right away to schedule your appointment. Don't have an appointment? Just walk in. We're sure to give you the best possible nail care service that you deserve.
Get SENIOR DISCOUNTS on our manicure services.
We're a locally owned and operated business, committed to providing excellent nail care. 
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